More and more people own a personal computer these days. They either have a spare room to use it as a dedicated study area/office or they tend to fit it in their living area/bedroom. For both of these, they need some kind of a computer desk to put it onto. And, a piece of furniture once bought isn’t changed too soon generally. So it only becomes important that you select a computer desk wisely. Follow on to know how to choose a computer table and what all factors to consider.


Decide whether you want a desktop computer desk or a laptop computer desk:

Computer desks designed for laptops are considerably smaller as compared to the desks designed for keeping a desktop computer. The latter usually offers additional features like pull-out trays for keyboards & mouse, enclosed cabinets for housing the CPU and sometimes a desktop storing hutch as well, which are all absolutely useless if you just have to use it for keeping a laptop. While, the laptop desks are open in their design and sleek. They can usually offer the latest features that one might prefer, such as built-in charging points for cell phones, cameras, and other mobile devices.


Are you willing to put in some labor to assemble the desk?

While selecting your computer desk, you need to consider the pros and cons of factory-assembled as well as ready-to-assemble desks. Factory assembled desks are often better quality wise, and can save your effort as well as time. The downside is that they are expensive. Ready-to-assemble desks, on the other hand, are affordable. They are easy to ship and they can be carried through a narrow office doorway easily. But to have these benefits, you will have to spare out some time for assembling these desks together.


When it comes to computer desks, size does matter!

Computer desks come in so many different configurations and sizes for you to select from. You can have a large U-shaped workstation, or you may opt for a little computer station. Decide how you will be using the desk, see how much space is available, and then set out to choose a desk accordingly.

If you are buying the desk for using in a commercial office and space is not much of a concern, L-shaped and U-shaped desks pose a good option. They will provide you with enough workspace for different office tasks and enough storage drawers for office stuff. You can even hold a meeting with colleagues or clients on these desks.

If you plan to buy computer desk for your home office, where space is often a concern, compact desks offer a more reasonable solution. These days you can find tables occupying less of floor space, but providing most of the required features that come in larger desks.


Ergonomics: Because comfort comes first

Look out for the ergonomic design which would make working comfortable, increase the efficiency, and prevent the risk of repetitive stress injuries. The major ergonomics that you must look for in your computer desk include-

-Adjustable height of desk surface

-Pull-out keyboard trays/ laptop trays

-Elevated monitor shelf

-Wire management channels

Following the above-mentioned guidelines, it is certain that you will choose the best computer table for your place. You can now follow the reviews of some specific tables to see if they fit your criteria. Give time to choosing your desk as it could save a lot of your time later on!

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Material of gaming mouse pad

One of the coolest things that you can do with a computer is play games. There are hundreds of thousands of games that can be played using a computer system. Some are simple and 2 dimensional in nature for example Super Mario while others are immersing and 3 dimensional in nature for example Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Various peripherals are required to play these games. One of the most important is a mouse. If you are playing computer games on a desktop PC, then you will need a mouse. Modern mice make use of optical and laser technology to track the movements that you apply on it. In a gaming environment, these movements can mean the difference between a win and a loss. As such, one should invest in the best gaming mouse pad available. Read on to learn about the material of gaming mouse pad.


Whats so special about a gaming mouse pad?


A gaming mouse pad is different from a regular one. A standard mouse pad can allow you to play games and move your characters well enough using the mouse. However, it is not enough for professional gamers. They play games that require high speed mouse movements. As such, the surface upon which the mouse is moving must be responsive enough such that even a the smallest movement is easily tracked by the laser and translated into the game for a satisfying playing experience. To make this possible, gaming mouse pads are made of special materials.


Microfiber gaming mousepads


One of the materials that is used to make a gaming mouse pad is microfiber. This is a type of yarn that is very thin and fine. It is synthetic in nature and is woven together to provide an ideal surface for a gaming mouse pad. A gaming mouse pad that has a microfiber surface allows the optical or laser mouse to track the movements very accurately. The microfiber is also very soft. As such, one is able to move the mouse on the surface of the mouse pad easily and smoothly with no strain at all. The microfiber surface is stuck to a high grip rubber pad. The pad is under the microfiber and allows the mouse pad to stay firmly attached to the desk or table top as one plays the computer games. A great example of a mouse pad that makes use of microfiber materials is the Razer Kabuto gaming mouse pad.


Another technology that is applied on the gaming mouse pad is anti-fray stitching. Many mouse pads fray at the edges due to long and hard use. This results in an unattractive and worn out mouse pad. Gamers really utilize their equipment and the mouse pad is not spared either. As such, a gaming mouse pad is constructed such that it has anti-fray stitching along its edges. This way, it is durable and will not wear out under the punishment of the most ardent gamer. A great example of a gaming mouse pad that is constructed with this technique is the Razer Goliathus eSports Edition sponsored by Team Liquid.


Silicon hybrid mousepads


There are some other gaming mouse pads that are known as hybrids. These are mouse pads that are hard and soft at the same time. Made of silicon, these amazing gaming mouse pads are hard and stiff during gameplay and then they are soft and supple for storage. One of these exclusive mouse pads is the Razer Megasoma 2.